Who We Are

Boys to Men USA was founded from the inspiration of Boys to Men Mentoring Network which is a

The Boys to Men Mentoring Network is a non-profit organization founded in San Diego in 1996 by Herb Sigurdson (1927-1997), Joe Sigurdson and Craig McClain. Herb was a former Executive Director of Father Flannigan’s Boys Town and worked his whole life assisting men and youth to build a better world.

Herb, Joe and Craig assembled a team of committed men to create a mentoring program for teenage boys. They designed a mentoring program that includes elements of community involvement, a boys adventure weekend, and effective mentoring practices.

Boys to Men is a model program that is being replicated on a community level to help young men throughout the world. Since 1996 the program has spread across the United States, and now has programs in 21 cities worldwide along with international centers in Canada, Europe, and South Africa.

More than 7,000 boys and men have participated in our program as of March 2012 just within San Diego County.

We believe all youth deserve the chance to become the person they want to be.

Our proven method of group mentoring through in-school/site-based programs, adventure outings, and adventure weekends provide youth the inner resources to navigate a successful life.

By encouraging connection, responsibility, and awareness, Boys to Men mentors help the youth in our program to build stronger, more supportive relationships through shared experience and community-building activities. Our organization aims to increase self-confidence by providing leadership opportunities where the boys learn the value of facing internal and external challenges on the path to manhood. Through these activities boys learn to celebrate their successes and overcome their difficulties. They learn both from the mentors and from one another in a safe and open environment.

Over 10,000 boys have participated in Boys to Men Mentoring programs.

The direct results are enhanced relationships, increased school performance, family connections, and positive contributions to the life of our communities.