Who We Are


Michael Bonahan, Board Chair

Michael Bonahan is the founder of Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii and Co-Founder of Boys to Men USA, where he serves as Board Chair. He is a Co-Leader and Leader Trainer in the Man Kind Project. Since 2010 he has focused on supporting Rites of Passage and Mentoring for youth and adults alike. Michael is a founding partner at Wisdom Windfall, a purpose management firm, where he is a contributor to its core curriculum. He is a Shadow Work practitioner, multicultural communications facilitator, and a certified Carpet Work facilitator. He is happily married to his partner of 38 years and lives in Hawaii where he enjoys ocean activities, golf, and flying airplanes.

John Davis, Governance Chair

John Davis is the Treasurer, Chair of Governance and a member of the Finance Committee at Boys to Men USA. John is a former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of several Silicon Valley high technology firms. John’s first CFO spot was in 1992 and a series of CFO and COO spots followed until John’s retirement in 2013. He joined Boys to Men USA as a member of the finance committee in August, 2016 and became a member of the board in January, 2017. John has two daughters and two grandkids.

T. Greg Squires, Programming Chair

T. Greg Squires is co-founded BTM Tucson in 2009 and is a co-founder of BTM USA. He has served as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors and Development Committee Chair, but his real passion has always been programming. He was instrumental in developing and cultivating Tucson's Adventure programs and Site/School-Based Mentoring programs.

Raised primarily by a single mom, he has a talent for mentoring youth which led to his passion for guiding other mentors into the important work of BTM Mentoring. He has been mentoring youth for over 30 years and seeks to create a world where all youth are supported by mentors. He still lives in Tucson where he writes and performs music, caregivers for the elderly, and is an integrated life coach. He is lovingly partnered with a single mom of two teenage sons.

Richard Mansbach, Elder Council Chair

Founder and Director Emeritus of Boys to Men North Central Arizona. Richard has a background as an educator, manager, restorative justice facilitator and leader of rites of passage weekends for teenage boys. He has authored “Journeys on the Mullan Road,” a historical fiction novel about the Mullan Road which was constructed in the 1860’s from Montana to Washington state.

Joe Sigurdson, Co-Founder

Joe Sigurdson is the co-founder of Boys to Men Mentoring Network. Joe was a teenage father. He and his wife of forty one years Nancy have two children and seven grandchildren. Joe is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous with thirty two years of sobriety. He has been active in the Mankind Project doing interpersonal work for the past twenty six years. His experiences in both these programs have given him insight to what he believes is lacking in our society, especially teenage boys. He has worked with thousands of men and boys around the world. He knows that inside every boy is a desire to be a good man. Boys to Men has developed their approach to helping boys become better men by listening accepting and encouraging boys for who they are. These principles are the result of Joe’s path through life and recovery.

Scott "Corky" Sigurdson, Co-Founder

Boys to Men San Diego, Co-Founder | LinkedIn PENDING

100-150 Word Bio

Dave Bolduc, Member

Educational Background

Undergraduate – BS In Chemical Engineering, Minor in Paper Engineering, UMass Lowell

Master’s degree- MBA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford, CT

Executive Logistics-Michigan State University

Professional History

Six years in Chemical Engineering-Shift Supervisor, Production Engineer, Plant Manager with American Cyanamid Company

Kimberly-Clark Corporation (1984-Present)Management (Operations & Logistics)-Managed 250 person Distribution Center, Started up Private Truck Fleet in Utah

Current position (2001-present) in Capital Project Management-Over $130MM to date

Non-Profit Background

Six Years as Treasurer on Board of Trustees -Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society

Co-Founder Boys To Men (BTM) New England-2007 to 2010

Executive Director/Treasurer- Boys To Men New England 2008-2010

Chair : Board of Directors –Boys To Men of Virginia 2010-present

Vice-Chair/Board of Directors-BTM-USA 2015-Present

Walter Augustine, Finance Chair / Secretary

Walter Augustine is a former nuclear reactor operator who served on the USS Long Beach. After leaving the Navy, he attended Tulane University studying electrical engineering. In 1987, he formed EICorp.

Married in 1988 he became involved in mentoring even before he had children of his own. The couple home schooled their three children who went on to attend MIT, Berkeley, and University of Southern California.

Walter is currently the Director of BtM Greater Washington and is a Board Member of Boys to Men USA. Walter is a private pilot who enjoys volleyball, scrabble, biking, karaoke, music, and swimming.

Lynn P. Anderson, Member

Lynn Anderson is originally from Eau Claire Wisconsin. She joined the United States Air Force and was stationed overseas. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Ms. Anderson graduated from VCU with a Masters of Social Work in May 1999.

Ms. Anderson was hired by Richmond Department of Social Services in June 1999 as the Supervisor of the Second Responder Program. In 2010 Ms. Anderson was hired by Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center. She is currently the Chief, Social Work Services for the Central Virginia Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Ms. Anderson specializes on trauma therapies for youth and adults.

Ms. Anderson is a member of the Boys to Men National Board and is the President and Co-founder of Girls to Women Virginia.

Mirabai Galashan, Member

Mirabai Galashan is the cofounder of Girls to Women Mentoring Hawai'i, is on the leadership team of Boys To Men and Girls to Women Canada and co-created a rites of passage weekend for girls in South Africa. Mirabai has over 20 years’ experience creating and leading circles and is a certified Level 3 Facilitator for Woman Within International. Mirabai has worked as a crisis outreach therapist for youth and has a global private practice providing inspirational and transformative support to empower people to live fully, fearlessly and joyfully. Mirabai lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and moonlights as a mermuse and wild dolphin whisperer.

Jeff Buenrostro, Member

Jeff is the Founder and COO of Metric Theory, a digital marketing company. He holds responsibility for general business and people operations including finance, accounting, human resources , and culture. Jeff is instrumental in forming retention and leadership development programs for Metric Theory’s award winning culture. Employee programs include immersive training in Diversity Equity and Inclusion, interpersonal dynamics, cognitive behavior, mindfulness, and people analytics. Jeff also launched and oversees MTGives, a pro bono group, which provides digital marketing services to nonprofits and community organizations.

Jeff’s background prior to Metric Theory includes incubating companies, investment banking, and nonprofit management. Jeff received his Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University and his MBA from Stanford University. He is also an instructor for Stanford’s Continuing Studies program and sits on the board of Inside Circle.